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     Dear Users,

     A New option E-SeachBill have been implemented in CCC Website.

  1. You can register a new complaint/use a existing complaint for creating a E-Searchbill
  2. A New button will be available for Creating E-SearchBill, in the ComplaintsDescription page.
  3. E-SearchBill can be created only for Register Articles/Speed Artilces/Parcel Articles/COD Articles and EMo
  4. Once you click on the E-SearchBill button, the complaint will be converted as a E-SearchBill and will be transfered tothe office in which the article was scanned for the last time.
  5. If the article is not disposed, the Last Scanned office Should use "Reply" option to reply the E-SearchBill.
  6. If the artilce is disposed, the Last Scanned office should use "Tranfer" option to tranfer the complaint to the respected office with remarks.

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