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     Dear Users,

     A New option E-SearchBill have been implemented in CCC Website.

  1. You can register a new complaint/use a existing complaint for creating an E-Searchbill
  2. A New button will be available for Creating E-SearchBill, in the ComplaintsDescription page.
  3. E-SearchBill can be created only for Register Articles/Speed Artilces/Parcel Articles/COD Articles and EMo
  4. Once you click on the E-SearchBill button, the complaint will be converted as a E-SearchBill and will be transfered to the office in which the article was scanned for the last time. If Last Scanned office is not availabe you will be redirected to a new page where you can assign the E-SearchBill to Next office to which you have sent the article.
  5. If the article is not disposed, the Last Scanned/Destination office Should use "Reply" option to reply the E-SearchBill.
  6. If the artilce is disposed, the Last Scanned/Destination office should use "Tranfer" option to tranfer the complaint to the respective office with remarks.

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